Last Minute Christmas Idea!

Undoubtedly, some of you will have a last-minute gift that you are struggling with and aren’t sure what to get or weren’t sure so you guessed and are assuming they will return it.

I am not here to help. If you were stumped it was probably a gift for a friend or relative that doesn’t fish. If they were are a person that spent as much time as you on the water or bending feathers and their back at a vice then it would probably be easy to buy for them. And as a fellow fly fisher-person myself I am probably going to be useless coming up with an idea for them as well.

If you are really desperate… wool socks would be my best guess. If they don’t appreciate warm feet well then their priorities are all wrong.

So if I am not here to help with a last-minute holiday jam what am I even writing about? Here at Bozeman Fly Works we started providing people with quality gear at reasonable prices because we were mystified at how expensive it was to get into this sport. A sport that we love and spend so much time doing. A lot of that time is spent in amazing places, with great friends, and if we are lucky a decent size fish or two. Those experiences are priceless.

If you have been fishing for a few years you will have probably amassed a pile of gear, some of it everyday fishing/indispensable things and some these you haven’t touched in a while. You upgraded reels or a rod, got a new bag or have a bunch of extra fly boxes. And if your friends and relatives know you love to fly fish you might even get some new gear for Christmas/Hanukkah/Boxing Day.

So here it is BZNFW’s Last Minute Gift Idea:

When you get settled after all the gift giving has subsided. Take an inventory of your gear. Find that first rod and reel that got you into fishing that you don’t use anymore and get it in the hands of someone who you think would enjoy the amazing sport of fly fishing. Pass on a bag or a vest or a net that you have multiples of to make it easier for a friend, a relative, or even a stranger to break that entry barrier into our sport. Give that gear to a good home.

In the true spirit of this season, give the gift of experience, knowledge, and a few casting lessons when that person takes your hand me down rod out on the water. It may lead to a lifetime passion for fly fishing. Too often around this time of year, we are caught up in the outdoor industry sales pitch that you need the latest synthetic fabric and newest gear in order to enjoy your outdoor adventures. And the truth is, not losing a toe or finger to frostbite is a great thing, but beyond being properly prepared the most important thing is just to get out there and fish. Be present in the beautiful rivers, streams, and lakes that provides us with so much enjoyment.

We have been blessed with an amazing Instagram following of devoted fly fishermen and women, so if you do pass on the amazing experience of our sport let us know in the future with a pic of their first fish using: #bozemanflyworks #BFWgeartoagoodhome

Happy Holidays Everyone! Many Tight Lines to you all in the New Year!

Props to Joe D’Angelo, AIA for the message!

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