FlyWorks 406 Rod - 9' 5wt
The 9' 5wt is the classic trout rod.  From throwing a double nymph rig to laying out delicate size 20 dries, this is the rod to get you that PERFECT presentation.  Everyone will tell you, the 9' 5wt is a...
FlyWorks 406 Rod - 10' 5wt
The Bozeman FlyWorks 406 Rod series is our first run of fly rods.  The 10' 5wt is our personal favorite as it is such a versatile rod.  The extra 1' above the standard 9' provides the angler the ability to cast...
$140.00 $120.00
FlyWorks 406 Rod - 8' 6" 4wt
The 8' 6" 4wt is your go-to small water rod.  Don't get tangled up in the trees above and feel the fight of those smaller fish in the waters you are hitting.  With the shorter length, you are going to...
FlyWorks 406 Rod - 9' 6wt
Want a little more back bone to throw those streamers or larger hopper dropper combos?  The 9' 6wt is your go to choice when you are stripping for that giant brown trout or large mouth bass.  Let this rod get you...
FlyWorks 406 Rod - 9' 8wt
Chasing steelhead, large bass or even saltwater species? The 9' 8wt is your trusty heavier weight fly rod.  Let this rod get you in to your backing as you search for that trophy fish. 4 piece rod A matte blue...
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