20lb strength 100 yards of backing Color options Pairs beautifully with the Bozeman FlyWorks fly line Backing is backing. You can get it from just about anywhere and it is all the same stuff. So why pay more? We strive...
WF - FlyWorks Blue/Gray Floating Fly Line
We took our floating fly line and made it better.  We decided, "hey, we like our colors and think they would look great on the water."  After ironing out several iterations of the line, we are super excited about this final improved...
WF - Green/Yellow Floating Fly Line
Our floating fly line is tapered for stability which is vital when trying to keep a tight loop on those casts that go a country mile! This line will help you present each fly exactly how you want it to....
Sinking Tip Fly Line
Whether you are fishing lakes, or fall has come and you are chasing those big browns with a hunk of meat, our sink tip line gets those streamers down deep and right in the face of those big fish. The...
WF - Pink/Purple Floating Fly Line
Our high quality weight forward fly line is now available in a pink/purple option. Spice up your reel with something totally different from the norm on the river! Pink weight forward  Purple running line All fly lines come packaged in...
WF - Green/Gray Floating Fly Line
Our high quality weight forward fly line is now available in a Neon Green/Gray option. The neon green of this line really pops on the water for easier sight of the line in all light conditions! Heavier weight forward portion...
Full Sink Fly Line
Ripping streamers through your favorite deep hole?  Or chasing monster Bass during a sunset over the lakes of Minnesota?  Our Full Sink fly line is designed to get your flies down in to the depths fast.  With a sink rate...
WF - Orange/Gray Fly Line
See your vibrant orange line as your rip an articulated streamer along the undercut bank in search of that territorial fall brown.  Our highly reviewed fly line just got some new style just in time for streamer season. Bright orange weight...
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