Fluorocarbon Tippet - New Model
Responsibly harvested from the mane of wild Montana Unicorns, our fluorocarbon tippet will rival any brand you will find at your local shop.  Fluorocarbon monofilament tippet is almost completely unaffected by water, keeping the same diameter since the day you...
55 Yards Fluorocarbon 4 Pack w/Holder
Our highly popular 55 yards of fluorocarbon tippet is now offered in a pack of 4 along with a Bozeman FlyWorks blue tippet holder. We strive to bring quality, affordable products to the market and this fully exemplifies that. 55...
Nylon Tippet - New Spool
Our premium nylon tippet now comes packed on the signature Bozeman FlyWorks blue spool.  Easy navigation with tippet size printed on bands 55 yards vs. the standard 30 yards found in the shop
Tippet Holder
The simple easy way to organize all of your tippet!  Keep it clipped on to your lanyard or attached to your pack for easy navigation of the perfect tippet size for switching between your dries and streamers or tying the...
Nylon Tippet 50m
This nylon tippet has proven itself in battle with fish of all types and sizes. There is less memory in this tippet so your line will lay straight and your knots will tighten with ease.  The tippet comes in a length...
Fluorocarbon Tippet - Old Model
Fluorocarbon monofilament is almost completely unaffected by water, keeping the same diameter since the day you bought it. This means it doesn’t give up line strength while your tippet is exposed to the elements. Our fluorocarbon will handle as well...
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