New Fluorocarbon Tippet Spools in Stock!

New Fluorocarbon Tippet Spools

We have successfully completed the redesign of our fluorocarbon tippet spools

  • Slightly larger diameter - accommodates the 55 yards of the larger diameter tippet (0x-2x) much more efficiently
  • Size denoted on the band - sporting a band with the size denoted for easier stream side access and on boat navigation
  • Easily snap together - the inner portion of the tippet spool allows the various sizes to stack nicely on each other to allow more efficient carry and use
  • Branded - the back of these spools has our trademarked brand stamped on to the tippet spool itself

You still get 55 yards vs. the 30 yard spools you buy at your local fly shop or sporting goods store for a cheaper price!

  • Competitor price - $15.00 for 30 yards = $0.50 per yard
  • Our price - $9.75 for 55 yards = $0.18 per yard

How we are so much more affordable can be found here!

Size Strength (lb) Diameter (in)
0x 14 0.011
1x 12 0.010
2x 11 0.009
3x 8 0.008
4x 6 0.007
5x 5 0.006 
6x 4 0.005
7x 3 0.004
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