Staying In The Zone

“Strip, strip, strip” suddenly a buttery slab the size of your forearm comes out of nowhere and slams your streamer! Me, not paying attention, see it too late to get a hook set, and that pig goes back into that logjam, never to be seen again. This same scenario has played out more times than I want to admit. Maybe I was admiring the scenery, planning my next cast, or just lost in my thoughts, but one thing I wasn’t, was paying attention. It’s practically inevitable to phase out on the water from time to time, but here are a few tips to keep you from losing those fish from phasing out.

Tip #1: Track your fly! This may seem obvious, but personally, this helps me a lot. Aside from providing better strike detection, it keeps your eyes on the most important part of the water, and when you’re focusing on something, you don’t phase out as much. 

Tip #2: Think about the fish that are seeing your fly. Think about where they’re likely to eat, where your flies are in relation to where the fish are probably holding. This once again gives you something to think about and will lead to less fish missed.

Tip #3: Slow down! Taking fly fishing one step at a time allows for more attention to every detail, leading to everything improving! When you read the water, cast, fish that cast, then plan your next cast, you’ll catch a lot of more fish! You’ll also start to really fish your casts, free from the distraction of planning future casts. When you plan your next cast while trying to fish a cast, your eyes leave the water you’re currently fishing, making you a lot more likely to miss strikes.

Well, here are a few of my tips on how to keep your focus up while on the water. I can promise you, this will be well worth the effort! If you have any more tips, I’d love to hear them! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@fishin_wild). Good luck out there!

By: Joseph Bartholomew

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