The Fly Tying Experience For Beginners Pt. 3.2

Throughout this process, remember that practice makes perfect.  You may not end with a beautiful fly the first time but you will get there.  One thing I like to keep in mind, because I  know my flies end up rarely like I want them too, is just because your fly doesn’t look like floor room quality, as long as it’s close- the fish won’t care.

  In closing, I want to humbly say thank you for reading and good luck tying.  I hope that you can enjoy the experience as much as I have grown to enjoy it.  I hope that if you’re just getting into tying, or thinking about tying that the last three articles have opened the doors and taught you a few things.  Let your guard down.  Prepare to fail.  Prepare to curse.  But most importantly, prepare to open the doors to a new and exciting chapter of your fly fishing adventures.

                My own flies are never perfect.  My own flies are never tied with all the exact colors or perfect length tails, or properly sized hackles, but with each fly pattern I learn a new trick.  Every wrap becomes cleaner, and every hook eye less crowded.  I’m continually learning new patterns and new techniques from fellow fly tying friends, videos and trial and error.  Half the fun of tying is when you finish one fly, you’re already excited to tie the next because of the knowledge you’ve gained from the previous.

                As is fly fishing, fly tying is a continual process of living and learning.  Enjoy the journey.

Todd Pomeroy

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