Reverse Drag of the Patriot Fly Reel

To reverse the drag of the Patriot Fly Reel to cater towards your Left Hand or Right Hand Retrieve follow these easy steps:
Step 1 - remove spool from the reel
Step 2 - use the flathead screw driver to remove the exposed cap of the red drag housing
Step 3 - use the Phillips head screw driver to remove the screw which is holding the tower in place beneath the red cap
Step 4 - firmly grasp the tower and pull the housing from the reel. May require a firm pull or mild twisting of the housing 
Step 5 - remove the black seal from the bottom of the removed housing
Step 6 - look at the exposed bearing - note if the white side of the bearing is facing you or if you see the steel color of the bearing
Step 7 - remove the bearing, flip it, and reinsert it
Step 8 - reinsert the black seal ring
Step 9 - replace the housing on the reel
Step 10 - replace the phillips head screw and screw firmly in place 
Step 11 - replace the flathead red cap and screw firmly in place
Step 12 - replace the spooled fly line
Step 13 - strip all the line and backing out across the family room, and reel it back up.
Step 14 - Strip a big articulated streamer across a deep hole and hook a monster territorial brown.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or issues!
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